Albion Online: E on Sword line, Claymore Vs Broadsword

In this post, I just want to point out the differences between 2 E's in the Swordline.

Mighty Blow on tier 8.1 Broadsword with 3 Heroic Charges-

764 single target damage- Melee
An interrupt
Consumes all Heroic Charges
10 second Cool down

Mighty Swing on Tier 7.2 Claymore with 3 Heroic Charges-

871 AoE damage- 6m Radius
Consumes All Heroic Charges
15 second Cool down

Difference in damage, Mighty Swing has 107 more damage, also take into consideration that Mighty Swing is AoE,
in almost all other situations to get Albion Online Silver, the Single Target Damage is supposed to be greater than AoE. An example is
a spell found on these weapons in fact, for the Q, the single target spell now does more damage than the AoE.


The cool down difference is not enough because you still have to get 3 charges of Heroic Strike ,
which usually takes about 15 seconds unless your enemy is sitting and waiting for you to get charges.
Nor does the interrupt on Mighty Blow balance the two spells. With a 6m radius, it is easy to hit 2
enemies, possibly 3, or more if they are grouped, which is much more useful than an interrupt.

I think this is something that needs to be balanced as soon as possible, or just buff the other E on Broadsword,
that spell is much more unique anyways. This is probably something you guys just over looked, and in a
recent video you asked for specific things and reasons for more Albion Online Gold, not just "this needs to be balanced".

So I hope you find this helpful.