Thoughts on the Albion Online

First of all, I played AO since this beta, I am a big fan of the idea behind this game, and I am very fond of theory crafting and all.

I would like to give my main ideas about the game that would make it better. Those are not all fresh ideas, since I often discuss it with passionate mates.

Those ideas cover a good part of the game, I am not great at organising my ideas :(
GvG: I think that the actual GvG system (since the beta) sucks hard. 5v5 limits the choice of a composition guided by the meta which is guided by the patches. It is more about who have the better stuff win. Rather than good composition well played with Albion Online Silver. I would put GvG on a 8v8 format (it is not too much even for little guilds, daoc did it for 16 years), and the fight would happen on an ENTIRE map, with the same system of 3 objectives to control ( with a nice change, the one in the middle should give 150% compared to the other two). GvG would be limited to one per day per map, and should last around 15 minutes.

Castles: castles are nice, it bring an objective with a non equal start, with defenders having a positional advantage and attackers having the number advantage ( with the different enemies attacking). I would make castle map a lot bigger, the castle should be at least like hollowheart, to have the space for a real raid battle, with a similar door system. Castle should give the guild holding it a nice price like money, resources ( inside the castle yard) and a more serious buff like 10% bonus damage. This last one will create a must have situation on castles (not really a must have, but a very important objective).


Should have been the first one, End game: AO has no end game atm, there are nothing that will create a global hunt. Glory is one thing with the PvP ladder(I will talk about it later). But we need to have something better, like the control of very important objectives like relics, and castles.

My big idea: the end game I just mentioned is very important I think. But the progression part of the game is very important too. From that, I think this game should be season based Albion Online Gold. Every year, the game wipe and we all do it again, something like 6 months progression, 6 months end game. At the end if the season, the guild will be ranked with point based on relics and castles holding. PvP ladder will permit to rank players based on their pvp achievements, with a GvG ladder and an open world one. That would be a great solution I think.

Bring back the death: we need a PvP ladder, personally I don't care since I won't be on it. But in this kind of game we need a glory system. People play this game to battle for glory, and PvP is certainly the most important one.

Now I reached my lesser ideas: capes are cool but they should be more important... You should not be able to track people by tracking their name on the screen (since the name has 8 times the hitbox), you should see the name upon clicking on the person except in towns.

Should not be 7th, very important one: make the UI customisable Plz
Delete the rez staff it brings nothing to the game except painful modification on the death mechanic.

I might have almost everything I guess, can't remember something else, I don't want to talk about balance on Albion Online Items, no miracle on that. I really believe on those ideas, I really think they can be implemented, those are mainly twicks of actual content, ty for reading