Albion Current Fame and LP Numbers

So, I've seen several complaints about the new LP system where people are upset that players will "AFK for two months then be top tier" and I wanted to give some perspective on the current numbers in game and how long it would take IF you simply went AFK and/or only used LP to unlock the weapons. This uses Longbow as an example simply because I didn't have it unlocked and could see all the values.

From the numbers above, it would take 2 full weeks of LP to get to Tier 5.3 (Yellow zone cap). Most people in the game would agree that you could probably get to this level in a few days of grinding so let's not focus on that number. However, look at the later values where it is 58 days to hit T8.3. That's two months worth of saved LP to get there, and it goes up even steeper from there. To hit "max" level, it would take 204 days, or close to 7 months of 'AFK-ing' to hit that point. People forget one thing though ... THIS IS JUST FOR THE WEAPON.

Add on to the numbers above leveling the armor sets, unless you want to go out in the world with T2 armor and a badass weapon (that's up to your Albion Online Silver). This will also limit them to a single weapon choice, where those that are grinding/playing the game will have multiple weapons leveled up to various tiers within that same time period.

I really don't see how the LP numbers, even as they are now, are going to be super detrimental to the game. Anyone, Anyone, ANYONE who is grinding out fame by mob kills, dungeon runs, etc is going to progress way faster than any AFK player. If someone wants to AFK for 7 months to only get a single weapon to max tier I say let them ... I will have multiple weapons and armor sets at max tier by that time, no doubt about it. I just don't see the new LP system as any kind of 'major' problem that people are trying to make it out to be.