Should we buy Albion Online gold in the game?

Just like most games with similar economic mechanics and the crossplatform approach, we are likely to see awesome opportunities during the first days of release when the mass market is going to purchase gold to convert into Albion Online Silver to get an edge, especially lots of mobile newbies used to a certain mobile spending pattern. Lots of money to be made there for the smart ones, even more if they have got time and third party tools.

Top gold farmers and experienced players will maximise the silver earned and converted into gold while the gold price will be very low create big gold amounts that will sell later at much higher silver price and not only.

Then price of gold will increase quickly and gradually will get on a sort of stable level with smaller gradual increases and oscillations here and there for people who push to play the market on a regular basis.


For anyone not interested in playing the market, without big wallet or competitive edge at all costs, better off saving the gold and do not convert into silver until the market gets to a more reasonably stable point. Gold will always be more and more valuable compared to silver. In general, for anyone who likes other activities, better convert into silver only the gold that he's going to use immediately to purchase into the auction house, nothing more.

Never leave any silver in your account (or leave very little amount for small tasks) if you do not need it
- convert it to gold until you need Cheap Albion Online Silver again (potentially in a point during the day where you get the most gold for your silver)
- convert it to valuable items that have potential to grow in price (high end items and raw materials)

Following this you can minimise you risk to be ripped off in the overall market game. i suspect that at the beginning is going to be way more efficient to play the game focused on silver generation than converting gold, unless perhaps you are a whale with real deep pockets.