Albion Online: Abolition of the Alliance System

I feel that removing the ability for Guilds to ally would greatly benefit the game. So too would limiting Guild size/membership limit to say 100 players. I personally believe that if Alliances were removed for the next Beta test it would improve the competitive integrity of the Guild system. By dividing the players up in to a smaller but still numerous groups (Guilds) it would mean there would be more Guilds fighting for the territories available. It would benefit both the "hardcore" players and the "casual" player base on Albion Online Silver. With Guilds unable to ally together Guilds wouldn't be able to group together to form an unstoppable massive force such as an alliances with many hundreds of players and own most of the map. A hardcore and skillful Guild will still do extremely well against lesser Guilds and the casual guilds/players won't be automatically at a disadvantage when coming up against larger numbers.

More Guilds would force more combat between more players as a whole across the whole game. More people/guilds fighting for the same amount of land will amount to more confrontations and more action! Which I am sure we would all love to see. It would also encourage more better recruitment tactics and methods for there would be more Guilds battling for more players and hoping to recruit the best.


Can you make a list of all the pros and cons? I think this topic deserves a discussion from all sides and for that, the more detail you put into presenting the issue, the more we can try to find a sweet spot for a balanced solution.

I will gladly give you some incentive (with crossover questions):

1) What happens to pve focused guilds, when they cannot alliance with a pvp guild anymore? Aka, what solution do you see for non competitive guilds to enter the territory fray, if they have to pvp for it (although don't want to)?
--> Trader/Gatherer/Crafter/Casual - Guilds do benefit from an alliance system in my opinion.

2) If the guild size stops at a certain number, how are big real life guilds able to play together, without having an alliance?

I suppose for point 1, PvE focused Guilds may be forced in to GvGs in order to control some territory to Buy Albion Online Silver. Yellow Zone and maybe even Red Zones shouldnt be too difficult if they focus on it. A Guild probably shouldn't be full of non combatants but if they are then I guess not owning land is a consequence for going down that road. PvE and Crafting Guilds can still operate out of Guild Islands and cities pretty effectively. No Alliances shouldnt hinder them at all really.


+ Specialized guilds can benefit from a heavy demand driven economy
+ Alt guilds can't be used as effectively