Albion Online: if legacy had been "my game" Trammel wouldn't have happened

I would have PvP gear that could be "earned" the ability to buy by some sort of honor / pvp system. Gear that gave an edge in PvP and could only be earned through it. I'd have placed PvP events in the game ranging from individual to guild wide. For example, a PvP guild that takes control over Britania, maybe not the whole thing but a part that has "influence" in it like an assassin's guild. Then those players didn't have to fear guards, could buy region specific albion online items from the guild, could collect an "extortion tax" from the town or something of that nature.

Then I'd have implemented a player value system. Since there wasn't "levels" rather a system that determined your strength based on your total allocated stat points and skill points in "combat" related skills. Significantly weaker players would have a colored name plate to dictate they were not a challenge to you and you'd have to do something like hold "ctrl" to attack them with the help of your Albion Online Silver. If you attacked a player first that was in this category you'd be flagged making you a) not protected by any guards or pve zones and b) worth significantly more honor for other players that kill you. If you killed that player you'd lose honor of your own and get something resembling a murder count or dk which would penalize your ranking against other PvPers.

I also would have put a lock out if you gank a lowbie that prevented you from killing them again for a certain period of time unless they attacked you first or flagged for PvP attacking someone else. This way high level players that ganked lowbies couldn't even loot their corpse before they come recover their stuff. I would have put "free for all zones" for PvP where any level can kill any level without penalty and such but those areas would have been designated for PvP only related purposes and would not be a zone a leveling character would have any need to enter. Things like "daily PvP spawns" would be in these areas.


PvP rewards would have been along the lines of a rank based system. Players could go to for an example the "Assassins Guild" and buy cheap poisoned weapons, cheap PvP armor, disposable PvP albion online items like traps, potions, etc. and maybe even highest rewards being an albion online item that you can enchant a piece of gear to have a "chance" not to be dropped when you die (not 100%, maybe a cap of around 25-50%). What was available to buy would be based on your rank. The higher your rank the higher the effect of a dk would be so a max character with the highest rank would have the most to lose by ganking someone a quarter their level.

Anyway I hope people realize I'm not criticizing a game I don't know, I have no clue what this game's guidelines are or what they plan to be at launch, that's why I came here to ask. Rather than buy a founders pack and complain afterwards I'd rather make an informed purchase or an informed decision not to make the purchase. I'll still end up checking this game out and watching it's progress no matter what, it's just a matter of whether I want to be a founder and pay/play early or watch quietly on the sideline for it's development. I loved U.O. for the most part, I just think Origin stunk and didn't listen to LB enough. I think the idea of a similar game developing cross platform is great and hope to see the game progress whether or not I decide it's for me. We need more MMO's on Linux no matter what audience they are after.

I'm still undecided on the whole founder thing but I will definitely watch to see how this reputation system turns out no matter what.