Albion Online: Transport ox, follow mode

Hello, I am new to Albion, bought this today.
So maybe there is a way to do what I am suggesting but I didn't know.

I bought this transport ox a couple hours ago and used it to gather some resources.
I wanted to get better tier(so far T3 is highest for me) resources so I traveled further distance then I found there was a higher chance of encountering aggresive animal/thief.
The reason I bought this ox was, so I don't have to go back to a town so often. Go out there and gather a lot and come back when I have enough amount.

What troubled me was that I had to mount on my ox to get the weight benefit. I was half full on my ox and encountered a couple of ranged thieves but I couln't fight back

I saw two options for me.
1. Retreat back to town and empty the backpack. But this beats the reason I bought a transpor ox.
2. Get closer to the enemy(I am melee fighter..), dismount and fight.


I picked 2 and fought those thieves then I found none of skills/spells were active... I got hit by knock back arrow... tried to get closer but I was overweighted and moving like a snail..then another knock back arrow...
I tried to unload some logs and stones on the ground so I can move but only way to do that was to destroy them.

It sounds more like a complaint than a suggestion now :whistling:
Anyway, I think it will be nice to have this ox to follow me so I can dump all the heavy item to him and I can fight normally.

Warhorses are for battle (Can take extra damage)
Horses are for gathering (High speed and decent weight limit)
Oxes are for goods transport (High weight limit, but very clumsy)

This is by no means ONLY right way to do it. and It changes depending on your playstile, populataon of server, green,yellow,red,black zones ...

My point is, when you complain that something is not working very well. First consider if you are even using it way its intended to be used.

Oxes work very well for gathering, same as horses work well for PvP. BUT if you use it for gathering you have to put up with clumsiness that come with it.