Albion Online: Namely cleanse, purge, powerbeam, old invulnbeam

Sorry again if it felt kinda repulsiv, it was not meant like that. Let me start again: Yes arcane staff needs an overhaul. Currently it has alot of abilites that dont improve while leveling. Namely cleanse, purge, powerbeam,old invulnbeam.

The rest gets "something" although its literally nothing.
Before i go into my thoughts on how to improve the staff, i like to point out that the current role of the staff is a support weapon if you have enough Albion Online Silver. It will prolly stay that way, im fine with that, even though i miss the opoporb some alphas ago ;)

So lets start with the q slot. It is your spammslot, we have a shield, that doesnt proc healing sickness, yet the casttime on it makes it really akward. There was a suggestion mentioned before and i totally support a instant shield on the q. Though we should have some of our w-slot spells as a choice here. Or a total new way of supporting a player, like an attack speed increase, less damage taken for the next attacks(like a shield but %wise), some offensiv support like more damage taken, less damage dealt, silence etc. Dont have time atm but i will make them into real spells later today, so you have a better idea.


W-slot, suffers from the amount of options it has. All the spells themself have their uses, yet most get outshined by the ever strong damage increase beam. The beam itself is not worth leveling up and like you i begged the devs to change the damage increase recieved per tier level. You know the answer. Again i ll add some suggestions for the spells when i've got time.

Onwards to the e slot:

Orb, got a purge now, lvling it increases the knockbackrange, despite the tooltip, you get more damage, wich is unnecessary. The skill itself has a slow animation, the traveltime is far behind slow, yet the aoe of the knockback itself is large. I would love to see some polishing on the animation of the Albion Online Gold, or a tiny bit of extra movementspeed. Plus the knockback of the orb, after the cc resistance of the targets, is a tiny bit too weak aswell.

Option for the orb, change the knockback too a pull that gets triggered when reactivating the orb midair, keeping the knockback on hit. Or discard the orb completly and find something knew...

Powerfield, the magic resistance and armor granted by this skill, increases per level, although it is close to nothing, the duration stays the same, the circle doesnt enlarge. The longcooldown plus the very short duration of the skill makes it hard to use and very situational.