Albion Online: Sadly I'm Feeling Like I'm Having A Monologue

I won't be talking about the powerbeam, since the op and most other threads already said enough. Give us reasons for leveling it up. Make it less gimmicky......

You ever wondered why the only way of supporting a player in albion online is by buffing them? Me too, so its time to introduce some agressiv supporting via debuffs. Im a huge fan of curses or debuffs, but in albion there are close to none for players. The current "curse" staff is too damage oriented, and offers only 2 options for debuffing. Armor pierce and a aoe healing decrease field. What are we missing? Alot, considering the character statistics the game offers.
Time for some debuff spell introduction!!! The following spells are mentioned here because im a bit to lazy to start my own Item Idea thread, plus they fit for the only support weapon in the game currently.

"Shrink", shrinks the target, reducing its movementspeed and attackspeed for x. Lasts 5 seconds, cast time 1.5 seconds, range 10m, energy cost 20, cooldown 8 seconds. ( perfect spell for a w-slot)

This spell is already inside the game, the hellgate imps are using this frustrating yet entertaining spell against weary travellers.


"Infuse", infuses the target with unstable energy. Decreasing the healing recieved by x and the armor and magicresistance by z. Lasts 5 seconds, casttime 1 second, range 10m, energy cost 12, cooldown 3 seconds.
One of the older spells of albion online, it is still in the databank of the game and it would fit nicely into the q-spell slot for a debuff staff support/arcane.

"Energy sap ", saps of a portion of the targets energy, granting a portion too you and nearby allies. Saps x energy per cast from the target, grants z energy too you and nearby allies. Cast time instant, range 10m, energy cost 20, cooldown 5-15 seconds. I want this too be a spammable skill. Yet it might turn out too strong, since there arent many ways to get energy back in this game.

"Null Zone", creates a zone of null magic. The zone silences everyone in it slowly draining there mana and stripping of all buffs. x Mana drained per .5 seconds. Lasts 5-8 seconds, casttime 2 seconds, range 10 m, cooldown 30-45 seconds ( for the middle of the zone), zone aoe 6m ( like the aoe from demonic staff/wildstaff)
Aoe Mana drain field, again could be too strong, definetly a e-slot ability.

"Energy Surge", releases a large portion of your energy to restore lost energy of allies around you. Refreshes x energy in a 7m radius around you. Casttime instant, range 7 m (selfcentered) , energycost 30+, cooldown 8-10 seconds.
Another way of sharing some energy with your group. I hope they will implement the harps back to the game soon, we need the energy regen aura :0

"Silence", single target ranged silence, plain and easy. Target gets silenced for x seconds. Casttime instant, range 10 m, energycost 12 seconds, cooldown 5-10 seconds. Possible q-slot, probably w-slot material. A arcane staff without a silence, feels very akward.

"Spellblock", the current or next targets spell will get interrupted and put on a long cooldown. Cooldown length normal cooldown + x seconds. Casttime instant/1 second, range 10m, energycost 25, cooldown 15 seconds.
This is how stalling slam is supposed to be, sadly the devs havent had the time to think of a way to improve this hammer q-slot.