Warmane MM Hunter Guide 2018

Welcome to my Hatenablog, I am really happy that you guys would trust me, and it's my honor to share you more tips and guides about MMO games. Today, I want to talk about a very famous WOW private server - Warmane, which has attracted a lot of WOW veterans.

And I do not intend on coming back to active experience Warmane, since the group I raided with, coupled with fun with has additionally managed to move on, and located better things you can do using their existence. However, I really like Warmane, and also the direction it's taking.

I've had the aid of two hunters within my focus on this release. Each of them happens to be best to me and demonstrate exceptional skill using the hunter class. Both of these hunters are extremely awesome individuals who deserve credit where it's due. A unique because of Goony, and Vocaloids for assisting me start this project.


What's MM?

The hunter class has three specs. They are Animal Mastery, Survival, and Marksmanship. By WotLK 3.3.5a, Marksman is the top spec for PvE, though Survival and BM are generally very close as compared to the point that actually the 3 specs are totally viable. However what sets MM apart is that it's the easiest the three.

Performs this mean it's bad? No, it does not Infact the very best hunters on Warmane use MM both in PvE and PvP. Clearly I actually do, because I am penning this guide. I play MM since i such as the playstyle, and it is challenging for me personally since I utilize one-handed, also it helps me improve my performance.

One of the three specs, Survival is all about magic damage, Animal Mastery is all about physical damage, and Marksmanship is all about a mixture of the 2. When you are MM 35-50% of your DPS comes from Auto Shot.

What this means is a couple of things: Marksman highly determined by physical damage, and it is very determined by your standing still throughout the whole fight. To actually obtain the full potential that MM has, minimization of motion is completely essential, and never everybody can perform it effectively.

Movement Management

Everybody on Warmane states "What's the best gear looking for the MM hunter?" and "What's the best pet for me personally?" I will be the first one to tell you just how gear and pets aren't as important when you are into the endgame as movement management. Even though you have full heroic gear you cannot pull greater than 14k DPS without efficient movement management.

Listed here are my strategies for movement management: Whichever D-Pad you utilize to maneuver, either WASD or even the arrow keys, alter the keys you utilize to show right and left to strafe left, and strafe right. This way, when you really need to maneuver aside, you are not jumping to scoot, or turning and running by hand. Rather, you are simply moving right.


Another factor you should do is make plans about every fight in ICC. For instance, when I am on LK, I stand it between your ranged and melee dps so I've got a good focus look at the large guys, and LK which provides me a simpler point of view in order to target switch using the smallest amount of interruption from the DPS.

Talent Builds

The talent builds listed below are pretty standard, but each is customized for various in-game uses.

The very first talent build is perfect for recently switched 80 hunters who wish to begin farming gold for gear in instances for example FoS/PoS. This is a good 10Man build you can use with instances like VoA, OS, and Onyxia. This build should be utilized for lengthy as the passive ArP (ArP without gems) is below 400.

This second build is just an opening 10-Man and beginning ICC build. This will be used once you have above 400 ArP. You'll find that it drops Imp. Arcane Shot. I'll explain this within the ArP Section. I have stored Rapid Recuperation because within this gear stage (If you are by using this when I am suggesting) hunters generally don't have a good enough mana pool to DPS towards the finish associated with a encounter without going OOM.

This third build is my build for ICC-10 and 25, in addition to any HC I would do. Any hunter knowledgeable can easily see that it's only the normal endgame spec that drops RR in support of Wild Quiver and Imp. Steady Shot.

Rotation/Shot Priority/DPS System

The primary abilities utilized as MM are:
Serpent Sting
Chimera Shot
Aimed Shot
Steady Shot
Auto Shot
Kill Shot
Other guides tell you just how MM is really a shot-priority spec, in which you should not fire inside a set repeating shots, but rather prioritize the greatest damaging shots. Since I have arrived at Warmane, I have recognized this is not right. Although it comes with certain facets of a go-priority system, it's really mainly a rotation spec.

Let me explain: MM will the greatest DPS whenever you prioritize shots. This is correct. But, due to the way the shot cooldowns fall into line, and the amount of shots, MM really starts to defend me against qualities of the Rotation. You may still find rotation qualities, where if Kill Shot is prepared, it takes priority over anything else, and when Serpent Sting is not around the target, but Chimera Shot is prepared, Serpent Sting still takes priority.

Armor Penetration and Hunters: Bad marriage 101

Hunters and ArP have experienced a poor marriage since ArP was launched. Sometimes it is good for all of us, it sometimes sucks, and often it'll provide us with 204573567345357564657 extra DPS(not necessarily, however, you understand).

The main reason ArP may also be great for us, but sometimes bad happens because unlike Players and Rogues who have only abilities that create physical damage(poisons aside), us hunters have a mixture of physical (Steady Shot, Auto Shot, Aimed Shot, Multi Shot, Volley, Wild Quiver) and magic-based broken(MM's magic based damage is mainly Nature and Arcane based - Chimera Shot, Arcane Shot, Serpent Sting). Which means that we must balance our two damage types - physical and magic based.

Before explaining any further, please visit to put more Warmane gold and coins into your account for further consideration.

So you understand precisely what ArP is, and thus many of us are on a single page. Should you understand concerning the ArP, good job! You simply grew to become a much better player than 50% from the Warmane Community! ArP is really a hard concept to know, yet it's one which Personally, I believe is essential to experience these kinds effectively.

As this guide is tailored towards new hunters, I'll simplify the idea a bit. Because we have two different damage types, which means there exists a ratio of physical:magic damage. ArP is only going to increase our physical DPS. (Our physical DPS is all about 55-60% in our DPS without ArP) therefore we can figure a ratio of approximately 60:40, or 6:4.

Since ArP benefits us more, and much more once we have more from it(described within the link above), which means we can not have any real benefit over using Agility until we are able to reach about 800 passive(the ArP we've on the gear without needing gems) ArP, then point starting seeing increasingly more of the take advantage of using ArP. So if you wish to use ArP endgame, you have to concentrate on getting gear with ArP onto it.


Dropping Arcane Shot

Everybody appears with an interest in Arcane Shot. It had been your buddy, as well as your protector while leveling. The quantity of monsters and nagas you've slain by using it is countless. Sadly, and Yes, it sucks, all things have a finish.

As you become more ArP, the harm out of your Steady Shot increases, and also at a place Steady Shot will start to do more damage than Arcane Shot. Once this occurs, Arcane's viability like a damage shot would go near. Zip. Gone. When you are passed 400 passive ArP you have to stop using Arcane Shot unless of course, you need to move, or for whatever reason can't fire Steady Shot(Casting Speed Slows).


Glyphs are a fundamental part of as being a hunter, just like any class. The glyphs that MM hunters must have are Glyph of Steady Shot, Glyph of Serpent Sting, and Glyph of Kill Shot. I do not think I really should explain why exactly they are considered by me many the hunter community the very best, but when there are plenty of questions regarding it later I'll.


Generally, you decide to go with one Nightmare Tear, and also the rest are full Fractured Cardinal Rubies or Delicate Cardinal Rubies based on regardless if you are stacking either. If you exceed 1400 ArP and therefore are 10 or even more ArP within the cap, simply replace an ArP jewel by having an agility jewel. It's easier to be 10 underneath the cap, than 10 over.


The very best professions to have an Endgame Geared MM Hunter are Jewelcrafting, and Engineering. I would suggest also using both nitro boosts, and parachutes for raids. Both of them are very viable and may improve your DPS greater than every other enchant, specifically in high movement fights, or fights rich in AoE minimization needed. Nitroboosts means the website live hunter along with a dead hunter. Clearly, the parachute is really a safety feature when ever the boosts shoot you into the air, additionally towards the 23 agi it provides ya.

All right, that's full content of my MM Hunter guide, hopes you guys would love it and feel free to leave your comments, please take as your first choice to buy Warmane gold and coins online, I mean just choose the most reliable store!