Forza 7 Damping And Alignment Guide


Drive a car is not as easy as you wish in both real world and the world of Forza Motorsport 7, all players need to learn some basics skills to become a good driver. In Forza 7, tuning your car would be your most important work, and you must learn something about Damping And Alignment at first:


Rebound And Bump Damping Could Be Adjusted With Race Suspension Upgrade

Rebound Stiffness

Rebound damping controls how rapidly the car's suspension expands once the wheel moves from the vehicle because the inside wheels would throughout a turn or even the rear wheels would during braking. It determines how rapidly load is transferred in transitions during turning, braking, and acceleration.

The very best practice would be to set the bump-damping stiffness first, then proceed to rebound damping. Lower the car's rebound damping setting before the vehicle transitions harshly through tight chicanes. Then gradually raise it until these transient movements lessen.

When the front rebound damping is placed excessive, the leading of vehicle will end up nervous and understeer when rapidly altering direction.

When the rear rebound is placed excessive, the trunk from the vehicle will end up nervous and oversteer when rapidly altering direction.

Motorists may also use rebound damping to assist in straight line grip.

Example: lowering front rebound damping speed will transfer weight towards the rear wheels during acceleration.

Example: lowering rear rebound damping speed will transfer weight towards the front wheels during braking.

Test out different damping stiffness for that front and back to locate peak grip.

Bump Stiffness

Bump damping controls how rapidly a car's suspension compresses once the wheel moves for the vehicle because it would when growing through a bump. It controls the movement of the unsprung mass and keeps the tire in touch with the floor.

Begin with a minimal setting for bump and rebound damping then gradually increase bump damping to smooth tire connection with the floor across bumps, curbs, and harsh transitions. Growing front/rear bump damping excessive may cause the tire to skitter across bumps, producing a lack of grip and even broke your cars, and then you will spend some Forza 7 credits to fix your car and you must don't want that happen, so be careful with Bump Stiffness.

Once bump damping is placed, proceed to rebound damping.


Alignment Could Be Adjusted Having A Race Suspension Upgrade


Camber refers back to the position of the tire relative down. Modifying the chamber impacts grip inside a balance between cornering along with a straight line.

Like a vehicle corner, the part of the tire contacting the floor is distorted. By modifying camber, motorists can correct this distortion and improve cornering. However, peak braking and acceleration occur at zero camber, using the tire upright.

Begin with about one amount of negative camber (-1.) front and back, then tune after that for optimum values.

Remember, camber changes dynamically during suspension travel and each vehicle differs.


Adjust foot (the inward or outward position from the wheels) to hone turn-in reaction (the transition between driving and straight ahead and turning).

Foot-in brings the fronts from the tires closer together compared to backs. This increases stability but reduces turn-in.

Foot-out brings the backs from the tires closer together compared to fronts. This increases turn-in reaction but decreases stability.

Avoid extremes, because excessive foot-in or foot-out can put on tires rapidly.


Caster refers back to the position from the steering axis in the front towards the back.

Growing positive caster pushes the top of the steering axis rearward, growing camber because the wheels are switched. This enables a lower price front camber, maintaining your tires verticle with respect towards the road when you are traveling in a straight line, that is optimal for braking.

An excessive amount of positive caster can create an unhealthy quantity of camber while turning, leading to unpredictable handling. Moreover, you can visit this page to find more Forza 7 news and guides, maybe some friends that love Forza 7 too.