Two-Hander in Path of Exile

How do you guys feel with 2-hander things in Path of Exile, like 2-handed weapons, 2-hander nodes and 2 hander affixes? Do you love all these designs for the weapon and armor systems, will these 2-handers make a difference in your game experience?

2-handed weapons are only able to use leap slam, and they're slow = you leap slam slower. dual wielding = more attack speed = faster leap slam, or capability to use shield charge. In the present condition of the game where move speed = obvious speed this can be a serious disadvantage.  

Losing 1 hands = losing a shield or stat stick. For casters and melee, it isn't a great deal to trade that for any potential second 6-link. You're losing either on defense or on damage which means you need that 6 links much more and that's more costly. It's a whole lot worse using the current shaper mods. Possible solutions: buff 2 hander affixes, give exclusive mods on 2 handers (opportunity to fortify on hit, the opportunity for charges on kill or damage taken acquired as mana, mana leech from spells, etc). Something which creates specific incentive to visit 2-handers. Every other?

Exist even worthwhile specific 2-hander nodes? The only real factor I recall is Wrecking Ball. Shields have specific block nodes which are helpful and presently 2 handers don't have any identity, as well as their primary reason for the range is overshadowed by foils. Are we able to have something similar to 1/ 2 to the range with 2 handed Melee Weapons? Or 10% damage effectiveness of spell gems socketed by 50 percent handed Melee Weapons

Current DPS is scaled by flat damage, crit, added (flat or %) and attack speed. With 2 handers you receive penalized by getting lower attack speed on the top of 1 less stat stick, and dual wielding makes this much more disproportionate - I do not know how you can solve or approach this. Maybe some type of support jewel that scales with less attack speed? Something similar to your attack speed is 1 APS, % more attack dmg, % more melee AOE. For fast hitting weapons it's bad since the disadvantage to losing all elevated attack speed they shed more pounds damage compared to what they would profit from this support, however, if you simply have 1.1 APS you do not lose much but you will gain obvious speed from far better AOE.

The huge base DPS that 2 handers introduced towards the table accustomed to making their damage united nations-subclassable. But we have seen buffs to dual wielding many occasions by means of more multipliers for their attack speed (that is already through the roof), physical damage, along with other causes of added damage being added. Steel rings/flat added essences themselves were not enough to create 1h dual wielding much better than 2h in nearly every scenario, but when shaper stat sticks got tossed into the mix it grew to become another game.

Scaling your flat physical with many different sources for this on jewelry, to then multiply that output with the percent of the physical added for hardly any price is just nutty.

The only real factor that sword and board have opting for it's that Lycosidae is actually strong. Most attack builds suck having a shield. Shields are not weak whatsoever, there is a large number of effective mods at hand which make them searched for after. They simply pale compared to shaper stat sticks, they merely shine in builds in which you can't make use of a stat stick (1h cyclone I suppose).

2H without a doubt needs some form of buff without pushing the already great 2 handed weapons outrageous. (Starforge, disfavor, etc). Either dual wielding needs a part of its buff reverted (take away the more attack speed or Phys dmg), or 2H needs another buff towards the bases.

For attack weapons, the greatest trouble with 2H is really fairly recent - it's the shaper and elder mods that provide added damage as element or chaos, and also to a smaller extent the 'socketed gems are based on...Mods. Why anybody thinks it is smart to possess the added damage mods, not to mention permit them to stack on a single weapon, is beyond me. But regardless, the finish outcome is that the 1h weapon is qualified to have an 80 percent DPS boost, on the top from the dual wield attack speed and block chance. Which makes the additional dps on 2h weapons kinda meaningless.

The 'socketed gems are based on...A is a smaller amount of a problem, however, it essentially devalues the additional 6L by permitting 6L on mitts and helm.

The apparent option would be to simply remove these mods in the game, however, that appears super unlikely. They may be toned lower A Great Deal, 40% damage added might be reduced to 10% or perhaps lower and would be solid for stat sticks. The only real another alternative would be to buff the shit from 2h, either by looking into making our prime finish greater, presenting new mods unique to 2h, or allowing more mods (8?) on 2h weapons. Unique mods appear such as the most palatable, however, they would need to be really nutty to contend with 80% more damage plus dual wield bonuses.

For casters, the problem is older and it is exactly that employees would be the only real caster 2h and they're difficult to roll given that they could possibly get attack mods. So only niche unique employees become accustomed.


2-handers are fine because it is. getting the choice to make use of 2 6L may be the primary advantage. Enhance the implicit of two-handers and also the natural weapon range ought to be better than 1hander. For scaling part, they ought to introduce a % Phys damage increase affix rather of just flat Phys. There you have it.

Dual wield bonus is simply too much. 10% MORE attack speed 20% MORE Phys is simply dumb. You set the brand new scepter stat sticks, it becomes stupid.

A 1h shield is in a great balanced position. just give a couple of block chance.

I've performed a couple-hander centered on movement speed and it is good. 1 skill for aoe clearing and 1 for single target. I understand most just swap conc effect for single target, but getting just one target focused skill like heavy strike for stun-locking or Vigilant strike for cannot miss/fortify is a great option and it is the initial game aim of using multiple skill for various situations, and not the 1 skill can perform everything we have now.

Possess a one-handed version that provides a worldwide -30% towards the final damage and existence acquired on hit, but gives something similar to your final 20% more multiplier to fight speed along with a small opportunity for a dual attack.

Possess a one-handed version that merely has got the normal attack speed and damage for your weapon type like a more balanced choice.

Possess a two-handed version that applies a 30% more multiplier towards the final damage, and existence acquired per hit per hit having a small opportunity for a dual damage hit along with a -20% penalty to fight speed.

Do that and a pair of handers will end up a fascinating choice. The primary factor holding it well IMO is the fact that every supply of flat damage benefits the faster weapon within the slower one so whether or not the slower you have a greater built-in base damage most commonly it is surpassed through the faster weapon as flat damage is stacked using their company sources.

It might be relevant for those 2 handers, it might look badass while fitting with all of 2handers and become something they could MTX or make attractive skins for. Provide exactly the same possible rolls/corruptions like a quiver but clearly centered on melee qualities versus ranged. I love 2 handers because you'll have a good swap link setup for single target, it feels better more fluid than jewel swapping but losing the additional item is painful. If 2handers still can't compete then start searching for tweaking damage figures. Maybe convey more skills centered on either doing more damage or getting a distinctive auto technician if getting used to a 2 hander. Shitty example: Spectral throw goes 30% farther if wielding a couple hander.

I believe there's one excellent factor about two-handed weapons. Like a player without great gear, I without effort want to is simpler to obtain a good two-handed weapon because they are less based upon flat damage rolls. Also, you can purchase poe currency to enlarge your arsenal, getting more money in PoE will bring you more power.