Albion Continuous​ Gathering/Building

One thing that I've been thinking about is the process of gathering and building. So, a quick recap!

Gathering - You click the Tree/Rock/Ore/Animal/Plant and your character goes through the animations and removes X amount of the resource from the node. For example, skinning a fox removes 2 of 10 pelts. Then you click again and repeat. And again. And again.

Building - With the resources in your inventory, you click the structure then add. You now sit here waiting for it to add 30 before you can click again.

My suggestion is thus: If it still has gatherable materials or if you still have building supplies, you just keep right on gathering/building until the node runs out of resources or you run out of supplies.


I would like to see the gathering amount based on :
-skill tier vs tier of node being mined/skinned
-quality and tier of tool being used vs rarity of resource mined
-plus other modifiers like food buffs

This would mean people with only a T3 pick could potentially mine a T6 node but would have more waste when doing so and taking a really long time to get anything out of it with a high chance of failure and/or the tool breaking.

I do like the fact that it lets you gather a few at a time rather than the entire resource in one go for a few reasons
- I might not want to take all of it in one go,
- it might make me burdened,
- or I might wish to share the node with someone else that needs to gain
- or I might need to run away from a fight or something so at least I get a bit of resource every few seconds that I might (or might not) get away with Albion Online Items, and get some gather level gains for rather than it all being wrapped up in one gather motion.