Albion Online: spell animations, indicators and hitboxes

Let me start off by saying the new spell indicators are well done. They are responsive and accurate. That said, do we really want or need them? What is their purpose?

To me indicators feel like a separate add on to help me see the spellranges and area's. That's all good. It's important for players to correctly and quickly define the things they have to dodge and know the limits that they can play around. The new indicators actually appear to be a partial solution to a problem that was present before. Spells that did have indicators were often inaccurate and spell animations were (and still are) very often inaccurate. There's three main issues I have with spell indicators.

It takes away skill and possible knowledge advantages for players. Say an enemy is using Heavy Smash. A skilled player will know the area that it hits and make sure to be right outside it ready to strike again with some Albion Online Silver. A lower skilled player might get caught in the area or panic and move a lot further back than necessary. That skill-based advantage is now barely possible.

It feels like I'm dodging a circle line on the ground and not a huge flaming fireball. It feels like I'm dodging a cone shape on the ground and not an enemy player raising up his giant axe. Do we really want to dodge lines and fire lines at our enemies, instead of blizzards and magical arrows?


A lot of spells for which the indicators offer nothing still have one. Multi-shot on bows for example. It's not like you can dodge the area the moment the indicator appears because the arrows hit at the same time.

Honestly, the right fix for the situation would be accurate spell animations. These indicators made me understand that the game is not coded optimally. For example, Multi-shot seems to be defined as an area of effect skill and not 7 projectiles. The animation is just played on top but it's actually just an instant cast cone spell.

Wouldn't it be so much more awesome if you take damage the moment you get hit by an arrow and not take damage when you dodge it with Albion Online Items. Take the Magical arrow on the warbow. The arrow animation should be accurate, if it doesn't hit my character, I shouldn't get hit. The animation should fit the hitbox. Want it to explode in a small AoE to stun at the end? Animate it! There's got the be a lot of ways the current system can be improved. Spell indicators just feel like a bandaid fix.