I seriously would like reworked in Albion Online

This is something I seriously would like reworked in the game as I see myself primarily being a merchant. I would like my Ox to be as important to my character development as the combat weapons and equipment has been made.

Think about it. Huge focus is put upon weapon and equipment tiers - Why not push that further into other aspects of the game?

I do enjoy running dungeons, and I do enjoy pvp.

Above that, I love farming. I was that loser that enjoyed mining asteroids for 5 hours straight in EVE just to go sell it on the market.

I know I am not the only one.

Also, with the new update and biomes it only makes sense to further push the progression of merchant style game play as players will have to physically (wow just realized how ridiculous the word "physically" is when written out) move resources because they will no longer be available in abundance within the surrounding regions.

Think about this ( I hope the devs read this, I bet they have already thought of it though). Merchants that are forces to move goods through red and black zones, will have to hire body guards. You could recruit players (guilds mates, friends, or random players) to be to body guards as you load up your ox with goods and they escort you with your albion online gold. You would agree upon a set fee and pay them off.

They could push this even further and allow players to "rank" others in their deeds. So any interaction you have with a player you could simply (like League of Legends does it) rate the players on their interaction. (Teamplayer, good communication, skilled fighter, etc).