Will the Graphics Overall Quality will be improved in Albion Online

Since the last 12 Month or so, nothing has happend in the department of graphics besinde some minor spell animation, hints, or UI Scaling effects.... woooha.

But for my taste he game graphics are more placeholder sprites than actually medium good graphics.
Beginning from the Buttons that are reminding me more of GIF web-buttons in the 90s
to the very low character and Armor details that could possible be rendert by a Texas instruments math-calculator.

I think im not too ambitious here, and im questioning the quality standards comparted to similar "semi low budget titles"

Will something change in the release, or is the current state "what it will be".

we are currently working on a full revamp of the UI design, optmized for PCs. On that front, you will see significant improvements.

When it comes to the static graphics assets and character models, those will see slight ongoing improvements but will overall remain on the current level.


When it comes to spell effects and animations, you will see ongoing improvements, alongside what you can already see in some of the new and reworked spells and abilities.

In general, I also do not think that it would make sense for us to try and compete graphics-wise with games that have a 50 million or more budget, as it would simply mean that a large part of our budget would be spent on graphics, and - at least that is how I see it - great graphics do not make a great game, in particular given that one gets used to the graphics of a game within a few weeks of playing it.

Graphics of course should be nice looking, but most importantly need to support the overall gameplay, i.e. they need to be readable and functional. Also, they need to be set up in such a way that they do not hold back the game's development and allow us to add new content and features quickly.